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E60 535i - Engine Break-in and Oil Change

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by 198710, Aug 20, 2008.

    198710 guest

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    Any thoughts on engine break-in besides owners manual advice on keeping it under 4500 RPM for first 1200 miles; the ususal taking it easy, working rev's up and down, not keeping constant speed.

    Also is oil change similar to 335: trap door, etc? Any thoughts on doing it at 500 miles, 1200 miles or somewhere in between.

    I have BMW oil and parts from dealership even though I'm a long time bavauto customer - actually it was cheaper in total before sales tax (filter was more, oil was less)

    Many thanks in advance.
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    That is my question as well. I have a new 2008 535i sport package, etc. 15K or 1 Year seems a bit long for an oil change. I just turned 1K. I called the dealer and they that they recommend waiting, but that your could have them do it at owner's expense.

    I love the car and feel like I should be doing something, ha!



    Jeron guest

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    I would, and do, change it at 7500-8000 miles, which will roughly double the OEM interval.

    There is no recommendation for changing the original oil as a "break in" service.
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    here's your typical qualifier --
    did you lease or buy?

    well, there you go...

    (personally I think it's a crime to do the ridiculously extended changes.)
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    Thanks so much for the quick replies gents.

    I bought the 2008 535i as the finance rate was too good at 1.9%. My first BMW was an E36, 1995 325i which we leased while living in Chicago. We got rid of it when we moved to Hong Kong. After a year there and 3 more years in Singapore, we got transferred to Houston. My goal was to immediately get another BMW, but somehow we got sidetracked and bought an Infiniti G35. However, I corrected the error of my ways and found a 2003 E39 to play with. In addition, my youngest son, who is a car nut like myself, got in over his head on a 2004 E60 530i 6-speed manual. His choice was to keep a nice car or get married. Being a good parent, I bailed him out, ha! That gave me the 2003 and the 2004 5ers plus a company car. Three cars and two drivers was not a perfect mix, so I went to BMW North Houston and asked what they could do to turn the 2003 and 2004 into a 2007 CPO for example. It made more sense to go new, with the 2008 535i and I am glad I did. Awesome engine with lots of power.

    Sorry to bore you with my story, but thought it appropriate to show that I want to take care of the car and the Service Intervals seemed odd.

    I will follow the advice and get things changed at 7.5K.

    Thanks again to all,


    194648 guest

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    Congratulations on your new Bimmer !!

    You know, awhile back, all BMW's had their first oil change at 1200 miles. For some time, its now just the M versions. If you have the twin turbo inline 6 engine, then I would be wanting to keep that oil changed sooner rather than later since the turbo's heat it up alot more. Any turbo'd engine should have frequent oil changes in my humble opinion.
    I just bought a new Lexus IS350 and I dumped the oil and filter at 1330 miles and put in new Synthetic oil and factory filter.
    I would also stick to the factory recommendations for breaking in the new engine. We have had 3 new Bimmers and each one I took a long trip on to break it in, and they never used any oil after that. I also kept the break in schedule as per the factory recommendations AND changed the oil and filter during the trip to get close to that 1200 mile recommendation. But that's just me. :) :) :) Good luck with your new ride !

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