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E34 LSD carrier question

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by xlr8tin, Jul 20, 2009.

    xlr8tin guest

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    I'm digging around on the bimmerforum.com forum about getting a 3.64 LSD large case for my 1994 540. As many know, they are rare and very hard to find. So I'm asking around to find out how to make it happen. I don't know much, and am learning a lot by asking around.

    So far I've found that I can use my existing case. I need the LS carrier to make it an LSD unit. I've located a 3.64 ring and pinion from a member on bf.c.

    But right now I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative to the $500 carrier from diffsonline.

    Does anyone happen to know if any BMW LSD differential carrier work, or does it have to be one from a large case E34?
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    Not sure, but check the advertisers in the back of Roundel to find the diff you are looking for. A few that come to mind, www.bmwwholesale.net, 2002ad, vines, eurodepot, etc. I bet you can get the used diff you want for less than building one. Good luck.

    xlr8tin guest

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    Thanks for the site link. I sent them an email. I'm still waiting for my Roundel issue. I'm still pretty new.

    Well, since they are so rare I've found whole 3.64 LSD diffs for $1K. So far piecing it together will be cheaper. Plus I kinda want the project. My best bet might be to buy a 3.15 large case LSD and piece it together.

    Dinan sells these for $3500. That's crazy.

    Does anyone else have any input?

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