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E34 1994 530i replacement amp.

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by pinchak, Jun 20, 2010.

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    After 17 years my amplifier is about gone. Anyone know what fits in the trunk side panel and is compatible? Do I need to just mount a new one under the back seat shelf?
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    Compatible for a BMW amp is an interesting possibility. Look at the plug connection at the amp - if it doesn't look like anything standard, then in almost all likelihood it's a your-car-only-specific plug. So the only thing that would be plug-&-go compatible would be an oem replacement.

    Furthermore, it wasn't uncommon for the amp you're mentioning to be simply a 'booster' amp, not an amp that took in a line-level signal and fully amplified it, (as in your standard amplifier) - so, adapting a regular amplifier, besides figuring out what every wire is in your oem connector (which might well include all inputs & outputs in a single plug), might require a device to step-down the oem radio output down to line-level for a different amp. And then there's the issue of wire gauge, which might basically work and be more-or-less adequate for the stock setup, but woefully undersized for audio quality from a higher output amp.

    I don't know if that's the case for your car or not, so research that a bit, or maybe someone else will pipe up with more specific insight for you.
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    Also give a call to the folks at Crutchfield (http://www.crutchfield.com/). For decades they have produced custom harness adapters to connect a huge variety of head units, amps and whatnot to an equally huge variety of cars. If there is an amp out there that's a plug-in replacement for the factory unit--with or without a harness adapter--they'll probably know about it.
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    There's these, but they're for adapting a head unit to oem wiring.


    Crutchfield appears to be offering something along the same lines...

    I guess the point of this (http://www.installer.com/item/display_item.php?it=71-8590) would be to either replace a missing oem plug, or let you run your own wiring if you didn't want to splice into factory wiring, but I suspect it still goes up at the head-unit end - again, look at the amp connection, just in case it's the same plug.

    Might also be worth inquiring of installer.com if they have a suggestion (if you don't go the oem-amp route), in addition to asking Crutchfield. If you happen to know any car-audiophiles in Germany who are longtime BMW enthusiasts.............

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