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E30 OBC won't light up.

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Johnca, Oct 26, 2022.

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    Hello everyone. New member here with a 1984 325e. Title says it all. The obc works but is not back lighted, therefore barely legible. Installed a new light bar and replaced both the obc and the obc "relay" under the driver's side of the dash. Same story. Checked all wiring connections. Checked all fuses said to be connected to OBC function. Before I give up and put things back together, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any feedback. John
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    Welcome aboard! Wish I had an answer for you, replacing the burned-out light bar is the typical fix. Maybe something internal to the obc itself? Cracked solder connection on an internal circuit board? I recall watchinv my oldechanic using a jeweler's loop to see & hand-soldering bad solde joints on instrument-cluster si boards... try some Google searches of the other bmw-forums like bimmerfest & bimmerforums. Also search mye28.com, lots experience & info there, for similar vintage. If everything feeding into the obc is showing correct input voltages then would be guessing an issue internal to the obc itself, offhand.

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