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E24 Starting Issues

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by ceda205, Apr 20, 2008.

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    I just got 1981 633 CSI that had been stored & not started for a couple of years. Engine turns over fine, good spark at wires & coil but no ignition. I suspected fuel pump issues but it has 24 psi at point of fuel regulator. I pulled the injectors, cleaned them with fuel injector clearer & reinstalled with new seals; still no ignition.

    Could old gas cause it to not even hit once? I put gas-dry product & fule injector cleaner in tank, along with a couple of gallons of fresh gas.

    What about fuel injection relay? Anyone know where this is located (looked in obvious spots)? Any ideas? Thanks
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    I'm not new to BMWCCA, but am visiting this forum for the very first time...

    Hopefully you got the starting problem resolved, I noticed you posted in April.

    If the car has sat for a couple years, I would drain the tank completely and put in fresh fuel. It is a simple task to remove the tank from the car. I am confused by your statement that you have good spark at the wires and coil but no "ignition" ? Do you have spark at the plugs or not ?

    This car has a combo relay that can strand a perfectly running older E24. The combo relay runs both ignition and fuel in one relay unit. It is located up near the brake fluid reservoir. I carry a spare in my glovebox. You might as well purchase one to try it, then if yours is good, you will have a spare.

    Go to www.firstfives.org for the best info on the web for older E24's. There is a section devoted to the combo relay,saving me the trouble of keystroking a lot of information.


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