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E12 Parts Availability ?

Discussion in 'E12 (1975-1981)' started by Teak Macedo, Dec 28, 2010.

    Teak Macedo guest

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    I have an E12 (1978 530i, 1 owner, 129K) in perfect condition with exception of an intermittent power door lock actuator (part number 51-26-1-363-596). Does anyone know where I might be able to locate and buy one?
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    John in VA

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    A search shows it is over $300 from the discount BMW dealers Tischer and Faulkner. It was used on E21s, E23s and E24s, so I'd search or post a want-to-buy message on the model-specific forums. You can try at Mye28.com, as we have owners of those models in addition to E28s.
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    If it is intermittent, it is probably out of adjustment. This is fairly common with these. Take the inner door panel off and see if moving it upward a little bit (like, ¼" or less) helps.
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    I'm new here... But have a 1977 530i which is generally in good shape. Brought it in for a tune up, and there are a couple parts my mechanic was unable to find. He says it needs an ignition condenser needs to be replaced and also that the idle speed motor is stuck open. He just can't get the parts, so, I've been browsing around on the Internet. Bavarian auto doesn't sell either part, ECS doesn't have them, and neither does Blunt Tech (though they said they'd look around for used parts for me). Can't find the parts on eBay either! Anyone know any other sources for parts for old BMW's like this that I might have missed? Or how about someone that can rebuild my existing parts? Any help would be much appreciated!

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