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E12 fans are invited to 5er Fest 2010 at Oktoberfest.

Discussion in 'E12 (1975-1981)' started by CRKrieger, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Here's the deal:

    The event 'officially' runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (August 24, 25, and 26) of the week of Oktoberfest 2010. Registration will be through the Oktoberfest website. There is a check box for the 3-day 5er Fest that will trigger the special rates we have. The normal fee for these three days is $130. For 5er Fest attendees, it will be $95 if you are already a BMW CCA member. For non-members, it will be $130, which will include a one-year 'CCA membership that usually costs $48. For the full week, registration is the same price as Oktoberfest, but you will get all the benefits of 5er Fest (like apparel, prizes, and anything else we come up with) in addition. All registrations include access to all Oktoberfest events to which the day passes entitle you, including receptions, meals and driving events. Please note that, if you are not registering with an E12, E28, or E34, we want you to check in at the 5er Fest website so we can find a way to include you.

    Driver schools and autocross will cost the same additional fees. We will consider additional autocross awards for 5er Fest attendees, but all 5ers will run in Class 7 (B or C) or 'Race' on Thursday. It is still possible we'll have a separate autocross on Wednesday, but no firm plans as yet. If we do that, we will not be running in the regular O'Fest autocross. I don't think anyone will have a problem with that.

    Oktoberfest registration opens March 1.

    The club does not have access to the track on Tuesday, so the initial contact will be wherever Oktoberfest check-in/registration is being held. I don't know whether that will be at Osthoff, Siebkins, or at the track's 'outside the paddock' registration building. Tuesday is the day of the Oktoberfest concours, so it you plan to enter, or just go, plan on it immediately after you arrive.

    Wednesday will be a day to choose what you want to do. We will have a gathering point at the Badger Bimmers' "Bimmer Bivouac" across the track from pit entrance (at the bottom of the front straight). Yes, you can bring beers. There will be a lunch at the track for all O'Fest attendees, including 5er Fest attendees. If someone wants to organize a separate 5er concours, this would the time and place to have it. Otherwise, check the Oktoberfest schedule on the registration page to see what you want to do. We may have a separate autocross that afternoon. It would be on the other side of the track facility, at the Motorplex track. We can roll out the Big Damn© grille for a late afternoon/evening meal. I am going to suggest someone pick up a buncha' good old Wisconsin brats to be tortured on said grille until they become edible. Beers are acceptable here, too.

    Thursday will be the Oktoberfest autocross to run, if we didn't run on Wednesday. Otherwise, there are Oktoberfest activities to choose from. We will again roll out the Big Damn© gas grille at the Bimmer Bivouac for your dining pleasure. Bring beers. Bear in mind another buffet at Road America. [If anyone leaves Oktoberfest hungry, it's their own damn fault.]

    I am purposely not scheduling many 5er-exclusive events because that's the very nature of Oktoberfest. No one can physically do everything that's offered. Trust me; I've tried (1988, 1989). :( You are in a place with a bunch of BMW enthusiasts and you choose what you want to do with your car. I am definitely not entering the concours and, in fact, I've completely missed it before (2008), but I know some of you will want to be there. Some of you may want to drive a rally and some may want to do a driver school or car control school. All of this stuff conflicts, so we will be scattered to the four winds - but that is the plan. I plan to have the Bimmer Bivouac as a 'base of operations' since nothing is very far away, we can relax and socialize there, and there's more room than we can possibly use. When the sun goes down, we'll find another place to hang out. You're an inventive bunch.

    BTW, the location of the Bimmer Bivouac raises the possibility of the return of the Creeper Races. The access road from which we reach the area runs up a hill right there ... :D

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