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Dumpster diving for fun and profit

Discussion in 'E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)' started by lcjhnsn, Apr 17, 2009.

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    I'm currently on the last day of the kids spring break and winding up a couple days with my bro in Alexandria VA. This morning we pointed the family truckster toward George Washington's estate in Mount Vernon.

    On the way through one of the intermediary neighborhoods, I spotted a pile of miscellaneous debris on the curb waiting for the trash man to take it away. And what do I see teetering on top? A perfectly good tan Z3 tonneau cover [IMG]

    I've been looking for a tan tonneau to try and dye it red to match my top. Much to the wife's chagrin, I banged a u-ie in the middle of the road and grabbed it!

    Best part of the whole week [IMG]
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Nice find!

    Congrats Mr. Johnson!!

    I am worried you are not telling us the whole story.... are you sure there wasn't a Z3 located under that "pile" with the cover on top?

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    Several of the guys on Bimmerforums posted similar responses to my message over there. I should have dug deeper into the pile to see if the rest of the car was in there.

    It was just the weirdest thing, I recognized it immediately. Cathy just couldn't believe I had the capacity to lock on to such an arcane item while piloting the mini-van through the suburban jungle.
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    I don't know why but I find this to be hilarious. :D
    This sounds like something Marshall would say...

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