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DSC & DBC Malfunction

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by sbfreeman, Apr 9, 2021.

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    Just a day like any other until I started vehicle and it came up with DSC & DBC Malfunction. Any suggestions on where to start to debug these? Steering would not re-calibrate and I got a ton of OBD errors:

    CAS [CAS] | A0B5: Fault, road speed signal
    CAS [CAS] | A0B4: Engine start, starter operation
    DME/DDE [MSV80] | 2DED: Power management, closed-circuit current violation
    DSC [DSC_87] | 5E52: Active steering: interface
    KOMBI [KOMB87] | A559: Dashboard: Voltage supply has been switched off (standby current cutoff relay)
    MRS [MRS5] | 93FB: No message (vehicle speed) from DSC, ACSM receiver/MRS5, DSC transmitter
    RADIO [SAT_60] | DE10: No description found
    ISPB [ULF2_HI] | DE50: No description found
    AFS [AFS_70] | CE9C: Message (status DSC, 0x19E) from DSC PT-CAN faulty, receiver active steering, transmitter DSC
    AFS [AFS_70] | 614A: Motor position angle: not initialized
    AFS [AFS_70] | 6146: Control unit cannot change to active mode, undervoltage
    AFS [AFS_70] | 6144: Monitoring, self-locking

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