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Driving school and convertibles

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by Wanderlustbob, Feb 5, 2010.

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    Does anyone know if convertibles will be allowed at O'fest 2010? They were not allowed at Road Atlanta for O'fest 2009.

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    steven s

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    Bob we need to get you into an M3 soon, so you can do these driving events!!

    I'd guess this has probably been discussed at length, but how much do the retractable hard tops deform in a roll over compared to a fixed roof coupe?
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    Of course it's been discussed. I spent hours at a driving events conference with 'CCA's general counsel. All we could agree on, as lawyers, was that we disagree on the liability issue.

    If you can find any reliable data on rollover damage for BMWs, you'll be doing better than I have in the last quarter-century. Good luck with that because there's no way BMW will give it to you and I suspect there's no way any insurer will give it to you and I'd bet there's no way any law enforcement people will let you gather it.

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    Nor would I like to volunteer to be the test case! LOL
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    Brian A

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    I am doing a HPDE day tomorrow with "Hooked on Driving". Interestingly, they have just implemented a rule which no longer allows convertibles at their events for some run groups. Apparently "Track Masters" is doing the same thing.

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