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drivers school

Discussion in 'Driving Schools' started by WildMride, Jun 27, 2008.

    WildMride guest

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    i was wondering if you were allowed to participate in a drivers school with a convertable, the car has a hardog roll bar and will have seats soon, and it has a hard top. i dont have a BMW yet, right now i have a miata but i want to take it to some driving events and get better at driving in something that is a little less expensive to fix, then i will upgrade to a bmw.
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    I think it varies, some chapters may allow them, many won't. Check the info from the chapter for wherever you're thinking about going.
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    Our chapter has the broomstick test, which I think has something to do with height. Yours being a Miata and all, it's a lot lower than most convertibles and I think it would have a hard time being allowed onto the track... but hey, that's what my chapter does. Yours may be more forgiving about convertibles. :)
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    steven s

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    Depends on the chapter. Some chapters allow convertibles with rollbars,
    some with rollbars and fixed hardtops,
    others no 'verts at all.

    UltraMagneticAL guest

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    i was able to get on track w/ an instructor here in california w/ my mr2 spyder and custom rollbar.

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