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Door Panel restoration (unglued)....

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by alchik, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Possible to DIY the material coming unglued from the door panels or is there a service somewhere that can restore them? Also, the car is a 95 325ic. Are those door panels compatible with the coupes and sedans?

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    No idea about cross-compatibility, you can use realoem.com to look up and compare parts numbers. DIY repairs are a challenge, I don't think we've had many here tackle it. The vinyl is backed with some sort of latex-based foam adhesive/glue. It degrades over time, losing adhesion. Vinyl shrinkage may also be a problem. Even if you can clean every bit of the old adhesive off somehow, it's a problem trying to have any sort of adhesive that can handle the attempt to re-stretch the vinyl over odd-shaped door panel surfaces. I wonder if a large vacuum bag might work, but even at that it probably wouldn't get pressure to every surface area that needs securing. The problem with other old door cards is they still have the same old latex adhesive. Try searching bimmerforums.com, bimmerfest.com, bimmerboard.com, see what others have tried. If you can live without the o.e. vinyl, I'd suspect an upholstery shop could do a pretty decent job with different more flexible material, like car seat upholstery fabric in a matching color you like, or some such, or maybe a vinyl that would be easier to work with.

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