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Does anybody have the H&R Touring Cup suspension?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by feedftr, Jul 12, 2010.

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    I'm thinking about upgrading my shocks/springs. I have a 330Ci with the sport suspension. Does anyone havet the H&R Touring Cup Suspension Kit on their car? What do you think of it compared to the stock sport suspension?

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    Hello, I realize that this post is relatively old now. However, in the chance you, or anyone for that matter, actually have yet to make that decision, I'll post my experience. I selected the H&R Touring Cup Kit because of various reviews I had read in which it didn't lower the car to the extreme while giving it significantly improved handling characteristics. Most of the reviews were of the H&R Sport Springs with various shocks/struts. Seeing as how the Touring Cup Kit includes Sport Springs and NOT Race Springs, I figured these reviews would suffice.

    My goals were to significantly improve handling characteristics by reducing body roll/lean and lower the car slightly, reducing wheel gap. Lastly, it was important to keep a relatively stock quality ride as this is a daily driver. This kit did exactly what I needed!

    Body roll has been dramatically reduced. The car stays very flat through high speed corners and on/off ramps, and while negotiating uneven surfaces. There is very little noticeable body roll in most street situations. Squatting was never really a problem in this car, however diving under hard braking has been significantly reduced as well. Although the you have the sport suspension already, this kit is a vast improvement over the stock non-sport suspension.

    The body actually does not appear visually lowered. The kit posts a 1.4"F & .75"R lowering on a non-sport 325i. Visually, it is not all that much. However, using my very scientific method of measurement, the wheel gap (gap from edge of tire to edge of fender) has been reduced from 4 fingers width in front and three fingers width in rear to two and two fingers width front and back respectively. Again, the car does not appear to be much lower than stock. If you are going for a "slammed" look, look elsewhere.

    The ride does feel a little harsher than stock, but is not unbearable at all. It inspires confidence in all driving situations and is definitely worth the fraction harsher it is.

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