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Do you drive your leased BMW differently then the one you own ? haha

Discussion in 'Bayou Chapter' started by 380282, Jan 16, 2014.

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    So many beautiful BMWs on the streets of Nola these days. That means the streets must be getting better, and they are, slowly. But having always purchased used BMWs in cash, I have to wonder what it must be like to drive a leased BMW. I can only imagine that I would drive much differently. Owning a BMW to me as always meant "Bring Money With you" because a car meant to be driven is a car meant to be maintained as well. BMW owners historically are also unafraid to check a dipstick, and that too seems to be going away. Free maintenance sounds nice, but it's also ok to know what's going on and know how to fix things. That's the German way. Anyway, I hope folks are enjoying those new BMW as much as I enjoy my old ones.
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    Welcome to the club & forums! I'm reasonably sure you'll find that enthusiast club members enjoy their bimmers, regardless of vintage! ;)
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    Owned vs leased ...
    Our family covers both sides of this coin. I've been an owner for a decade and we've leased for my wife. All of them have been to the Ozarks and the Rockies multiple times, no difference. Really, the only significant difference for us, the leased cars have never seen track days or competition events. Actually, I guess there is one other thing. All four of her leased Bimmers have been X-drives and all have been driven year-round, especially in snow. They're great winter cars. ... My toys NEVER see snow or ice.
    As for maintenance, I do short interval oil changes on my cars. I used to do the same with the lease cars ... couldn't help myself. I've come to my senses and dialed that back now. The dipsticks on my cars soothe my old fingers but for the lease car, I mark dates on my Outlook calendar to remind me to check the oil on the car computer. Run-flat tires still give me heartburn but, I'm dealing with it.
    If you want to talk driving dynamics ... well, newer BMWs bear little resemblance to our old dogs. But, I've still managed to enjoy them.

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