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Discussion in 'BMW' started by yzfr1tony, Aug 20, 2012.

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    From a referal of a friend, I took my BMW to "German Motor Werks" in Pittsburgh, PA. Little did I know, all the work they did on his 2004 330Xi was stuff my regular non-BMW mechanic could have done...

    Water got in my Electronic's Box of my 1995 740iL. It corrodes wires at the bottom and fried the wiper relays.

    I told them i have another car, and if it sits a few days, fine...

    They had my car 12 days...

    On day 11 I called for an update: "Your car is on the backburner." the secretary told me..."

    Yeah, well get it off the backburner I snapped. It's been almost 2 weeks.

    On day 12 I called in the morning, and said to RIG my wipers. Give me slow/fast and windshield squirters.

    3 hours later German Motor Werks call me "Your car is done, It will be $430.90".

    Did he fix it right or rig it with a switch?

    "He rigged it."

    Fair enough.

    I get downtown to Pittsburgh, 45 minute drive, and see my car on the road. I look in and see an unmounted switch hanging by a wire in the middle console behind the automatic shifter. "You have got to be f***ing kidding me..." I said to my mom is disbelief.

    I go inside, get the bill for 5 hours labor (keep in mind, 2-3 of those hours were my rigged switch that final day 12).

    He bypassed all the relays, and put a switch from like 1970 in the car, UNMOUNTED behind my shifter knob. I did NOT have slow/fast, only slow speed. But the wiper squiters did work.

    I get home, laughing that he didn't mount the switch, and I have to hold it in 2 fingers, and flick it on with a third finger. And I have to stop it at the rest position manually. He bypassed the relays. lol

    Also there are leftover parts INSIDE my car. I called to see what the hell they were, and he said after like 2 minutes "Oh that is the wiper arm cover, and the nut covers for the other wiper arm. I forgot."

    No big deal right?

    So I hang up. Open the hood, and the hood WILL NOT STAY UP!

    I called back: "I opened my hood to put the parts you forgot in, and my hood won't stay up. What?"

    "You need new hood shocks." he said.

    "What the f*** did you do, slam the mo****f***ing thing 10 times and blow the shocks out?"

    -Near silence and almost a guilty admitting of some sort of foul play-

    *Hang up on them*

    The night before I dropped the car off, I lifted the hood a little bit, and it rocketed up and stayed propped open. NO problems. With no help from me. Now my hood shocks are blown out completely. Did German Motor Werks slam the hood 1000 times in anger? No idea, but hood shocks do not go from perfect to dead that fast....

    I sent pictures of my rigged switch, and told my friend of the blown hood shocks. He could've believe it. remember, the day before we dropped my car off, the hood shocks were 100%....


    Anybody in Pittsburgh, PA have a mechanic that I won't want to murder 12 days afterwards that they can reccomend? I am familar with McB Autosport Motorsport (or something like that) in Bridgeville. I will try them if no one else can confirm another BMW mechanic option Any others I should look into? Thanks in advance...

    P.S. Sorry to vent above, but I swear I have NEVER been that angry in my life, I almost destroyed that guy on the spot when i picked up my car. But chose the "so-called" better option and avoided jailtime, despite what he did to my 7-Series.

    Thanks for any help in advance finding a real mechanic.

    And yes, I will back up any "defenses" of this terrible German Motor Werks place in Pittsburgh with pictures of my unmounted wiper 2-way switch, or video of the hood not staying up anymore. And that still won't give you the feel of the $430.90 burn and 12 days without my 7-Series

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