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Damaged Car

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by ReedandDi, Mar 11, 2010.

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    This seemed like the most likely place to put this.

    In December I bought a '99 M3, very clean, very nice, 57,700 miles. Runs like a bat out of hell.

    Anyway, about ten days ago at work, the car was in the parking lot, all by itself, 50 feet from the nearest car and a pizza delivery driver ran into the driver's side of the car hard enough to move the rear wheels 2+ feet sideways. took it to a body shop, $1800, no panel replacement. Talked to State Farm (his insurance), appears to be no problem with the repair, I told them that I wanted a wheel alignment and that seems to be fine with them.

    Now, the advice I need pertains to value loss. When I brought it up, she mailed me a WV case (where I live) that she says is the case law in the state. It states that there must be structural damage (which there isn't) and appreciable value (which it has). Now the difference it that this case is from 1990, long before someone could set at their computer and pull a detailed Carfax that will show the accident. Right now, the Carfax shows a minor sheet metal damage accident in 2000. Now this will be the second.

    Is there any hope in perusing this and any ideas on how to come up with the value before and after? I would greatly appreciate any and all ideas.


    Here are a couple pics.
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    Well, are you planning on selling it? That would be a shame...
    But, if there's no structural damage and everything gets fixed hunky-dorey, it shouldn't really matter all that much in the real world as long as everything is perfect. It's the structural damage that matters. A potential buyer will try to use that as leverage, but you can offer than a full inspection, and everything will be found to be perfect, as if the car was never in an accident.

    It probably will hurt the value, yes, but you could use the "real-world thinking" (which is if it's fixed perfectly then it doesn't matter) to help sway the sale towards your end of the asking price.

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    I do know (I am a State Farm holder too) the courts have ruled in SOME states that you are entitled to compensationf due to diminshed returns. Short answer is your car is worth less now than it was before it was wrecked and you're due some pocket cash for that. Check into it.

    ReedandDi guest

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    No, I'm planning on selling it, it's too sweet. It's just that having two accidents on Carfax will hurt me if I do plan on selling.

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