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Cracked laquer on Wood Trim

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by Zdaneman, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Is this common for Z4s?

    My wifes care 2006 Z4 3.0si has several cracks on dash trim and even the console trim. It happend prior to the warrenty running out, but as normal she kept putting off taking it in and when she did it was too late. Car is garaged kept and never sits in the sun. This is clearly an inferior part issue. Wonder what my chance are of getting it taken care of by a dealer.....next to none!


    Zdaneman sends
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    A hassle, but if you can remove the trim without breaking it and find a refinisher, they might be able to refinish it for you. They'd need to know what the finish is in the first place so they'd know if they can strip it and refinish it.
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    eblue540 Fourth Gen Bimmers

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    Don't know about the Z4, but my e46 and e39 trim pieces are pretty simple to remove with those plastic trim removal tools they sell at harbor freight. YouTube has lots of video guidance. If you can't get a make good from the dealer, maybe DIY replacement?
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    I know that Alpina uses very, very thinly skived leather to cover trim pieces. If andd when the wood in my roadster cracks, that's what I'll try to do...

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