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Could these be the headbolts of the future?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bcweir, Aug 24, 2010.

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    I believe that the torque wrench' days are numbered or maybe the torque wrench may take a rest in the future. Check out this website. This company makes bolts which have colored stress indicators on them. Hence, a torque wrench is not needed. Just a glance can tell you if the bolts have the right tension. One of this company's employees told me that they have started supplying to almost all the auto manufacturers.

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    Would be nice, though it would be a little tough to see the tension with the socket over the bolt... =\

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    Unless they are dirt cheap it's highly unlikely they will end up in auto production with the volume of fasteners used. It would not be cost effective nor produce any advantage over the current system/fasteners. Torque wrenches will still be in use for the next lifetime or two... ;)
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    I can't put these in my car. The head of the bolt looks like my mother-in-law's eyes, all red and evil looking...

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