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Convertible Friendly Events?

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2011' started by frauleindoktorZ, May 31, 2011.

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    Heyya, folks. I'm doing a bit of research to get ready for Oktoberfest! I have a factory-issue 2006 Z4 roadster. I am aware that certain events like the Driving School (found in the May issue of Roundel!) require modifications (roll cage, harnesses, etc) for convertibles to participate.

    So at the risk of embarrassing myself, I figured I would go ahead and ask regarding the other events. Some are pretty obviously open to all BMWs, but I figured I'd err on the side of caution. I'm not looking to stir up debate over whether or not to allow convertibles in specific driving events, I am merely looking to see which events in 2011 that I'd be eligible for.

    As far as I can tell, the ability of non-modified convertibles to participate is as follows:

    Concours - Yes
    TSD Rally - Yes
    Gymkhana - ???
    Car Control Clinic - Yes
    Club Race School - ??? (I suspect No)
    Driving School - No
    Autocross - ???

    Also, for those of you who have gone in the past: How much participation is there in the Photo Contest? I'm interested in submitting something, so I was also curious what the check in process was like (unless details will be made available closer to the event date).

    Any help would be appreciated! :D

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    I would venture to guess that, if we're to run the gymkhana in our own cars, it's unlikely convertibles would be excluded. Sometimes the gymkhanas are run all using the same car(s), provided by BMW NA, or dealers, or by somebody.

    Club Race school is for folks who will be starting club racing, and running cars that are race-spec, so if there are any convertibles in that, they'll have rollcages, etc.

    I think convertibles are allowed in the auto-x, it looks like the Thurs. auto-x has several 330Ci's, which I think are convertibles. Steven S will likely have a definitive answer to this.

    There are several categories in the photo contest, so don't necessarily limit yourself to one entry, if so inclined (entries are limited to one per category) - in fact, the photo contest is a bit of a misnomer, as its scope is somewhat broader than just photography. Click the "National Activities" bar at the top of the page here, click on "Oktoberfest" (hey I suspect you've done that already :p) and check the 'Photo Contest' link in the left bar, and you'll see the categories (your avatar would go in Original Artwork, for instance). I wouldn't know a number offhand, but there are usually enough entries in each category to say there's competition within each.

    If you're asking about submitting entries to the contest, I don't think you have to particularly do anything in advance - there are usually pinup/display panels put up, typically someplace in the host hotel, and you have to have your entries up with the appropriate info (I'm guessing name, membership number and/or O'fest registration number) before judging, which I think is usually near the end of the week. If no details are to be had sooner, the folks checking everyone in at O'fest registration should be able to explain what's needed.

    If you're asking about checking in at O'fest, there will be a registration/check-in area, where you pickup your information packet, name badge, any merchandise you've pre-purchased, etc. Pre-purchasing merchandise is an excellent idea, as you may find what you want(ed) gets sold out (ask me how I know).

    (S)he who hesitates is lost; don't wait on room reservations, they sell out, and the sooner you register for O'fest, the more likely you are to get signed up for the events you want. Since things are packed into basically 4 days and some things fill up (auto-x or driver's school, for instance), signing up sooner rather than later means less chance of being wait-listed for an event, or a schedule conflict precluding doing all you might want.

    BTW, the gymkhana is usually a sort of auto-x'ish-type event with some sort of fun-&-silly elements added - one year we were driving X3's over a off-road course with a ball in a dish on the hood, and the goal was to race the clock, without having the ball roll out of the dish. I forget what it was last year (I didn't do it), but being in Wisconsin, I think they threw cows and cheese in there somehow.
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    steven s

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    All above is correct.
    Convertibles can participate in all events except the driving school and club race school.

    The photo contest is popular. We will have room for even more photos this year.

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