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Connected drive upgrade?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by pantherfan69, Oct 27, 2010.

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    I bought a 2011 BMW, and here they go and modify the car with a big upgrade mid year. Apparently if your production date is after september, you get the "comptroller", giving you internet access, iphone control with the apple interface on screen, mobile office, etc!

    Any chance of BMWCCA getting BMW-NA to upfit the pre-september 2011 models?
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    It's called the "Combox controller," option code 6VC.

    Why would BMWCCA be able to, or want to, "get" BMW to retrofit vehicles built without it? Are you implying "at no cost to you?" BMW routinely make running production changes. They're under no obligation to retrofit anything just because you bought a car before they started building it differently.

    You could always inquire of your service department whether the required parts can be ordered and retrofitted to the vehicle. I suspect that since this option involves iDrive hardware and software changes, it would be a cost-prohibitive upgrade for most people, if possible at all.

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    The answer is NO.

    I contacted BMW on this and they will not be retrofitting the "Office" functionality to older cars. There is no upgrade path. If you need it, you'll need to buy a new car.

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