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Clutch Slipping

Discussion in 'F22 (2014–)' started by critter441, Oct 10, 2018.

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    I have a M235i RWD manual trans. It has about 43500 miles. I am the original owner and had this car built to order. It has Dinan Stage 2, exhaust, pedals. Most of the time the cars lives in the garage (sad I know) and comes out in the sunny weather and warmer days. As of late the clutch has been slipping in 3rd-5th gear on acceleration. Classic slipping, revs spike, no acceleration. I am not a crazy driver nor do I drive the car very spirited or hard. Also got a fault with the drive train at half power. I have been driving manuals all of my life. Once I burned the clutch a bit in the snowy weather trying to get the car back into the garage and maybe on a huge hill. That is normal. Has anyone heard of a clutch going out after such little mileage? BMW Seattle is telling me it could go 50/50 if warranty covers this. Is this normal? I have been quoted $2300 for a new clutch, and if real tits up on luck a new fly wheel also at $2800.
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    Hopefully our tech Charlson can pipe-in on this one - I've no idea if 2'er clutch wear is a problem issue or not.
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    BMW does have some issues with pressure plate riots breaking causing clutch issues. You said you are getting a drive train light what are the faults? I assume it's a clutch plausibility fault causing that light. Most of the time the flywheel can be saved in my experience.

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