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Clutch Issue?

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by mw540i6, Dec 15, 2008.

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    This is my first post on this board and unfortunately I need help in diagnosing a problem.

    I have been experiencing an issue with my '03 540i. I am not sure if it is clutch related or not since it was replaced about 25k miles ago. I have been having issues with what appears to be the engagement of the clutch from a start to WOT. Here is a break down of each issues I am having:

    1. Cold weather start clutch will feel like it never engaged but it's fully out and engaged.
    2. Car will almost die when releasing clutch in cold weather, almost as if I did not give it enough gas.
    3. When going through the upper gears it feels as though clutch is not fully engaged, no get up a go.

    These issues are also present during the summer months just not as sever. Another note is if I turn off DSC the problem clears up for a short period of time before they present them selves again. Seems like I have to keep switching between DSC on and off to maintain any performance. Also, when I get the car up to operating temperature the clutch will make a very faint whine in neutral.

    Any help is would be greatly appreciated.



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