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Clear Bra Brand?

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by j3o3t3, Jun 3, 2008.

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    j3o3t3 J3O3T3

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    Planning on clear bra for my new 550i.

    Looking for input as to which Brand clear Bra provides members have been pleased with and why.

    Seems like 3M has large market share but smaller brands have proved worthy
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    Which particular product are you looking for?

    I'm looking at the different 3M products and see various levels of protection, such as:
    hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, headlights

    You're looking for something that covers all of these or covers one and the other but not all? They vary greatly in price, depending on what you want covered.

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    There are alot of choices these days -

    I researched them and settled on Venture Shield for a new '08 Lexus IS350. This had alot of coverage to do and it came out beautiful. I like it because it doesnt look like a thick line against the silver paint. I cant remember how many mils thick it is but it looks great.
    They guy who did it came to my house, did it in my garage with another person, and even did some extra stuff on the car that the Lexus Dealer did poorly, and didnt even charge for that extra stuff. This brand has a lifetime warranty, so I liked that too. Alot of brands, 3M even, dont have that warranty in my research.
    Good luck with your research - heck you may already have done this anyway. DanF

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