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Classified ads: forum kosher?

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by rtheriaque, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I love that the site has gone to this forum technology- it's a familiar friend that should make online interaction with our fellows much easier!

    I had a quick question- is it kosher to post classified ads anywhere within the forum, or should they be confined to the old site for now? I only ask as it seems we'd be able to offer far more detailed information in a post here (including all the pics we want!).

    Thanks again for the great site upgrade.

    Rob Theriaque
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    Bill Howard

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    Rob, thanks for your question and feedback. Please don't post ads in the forums. Hang on for just a little while more and we'll have an awesome new classifieds system. Suzin Koehler, who manages classifieds for the Club, wants to make sure the experience is as good as possible for everyone and especially that it doesn't affect or hurt Club members who live and die by their classifieds in Roundel.

    For now (early April 2008): Go to http://old.bmwcca.org and post your classifieds. Use that address and don't type a www.

    Shortly: In the Marketplace section of the BMWCCA.org 2.0 site (www.bmwcca.org) you'll have better classifieds than before.

    • For Roundel-centric posters, it's about the same as before.
    • Online ads on the new site will now let you have something that has never, ever been possible before on any other website in the world: When you submit a text classified, you can post, free, up to 5 photos with each of your two free (as members) classifieds. What, someone else beat us to it?
    • As before, you can run one photo in Roundel. (A fee applies for that.)
    Hang on. We'll have the new classifieds up and running shortly, just as we've promised (and promised).

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