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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by CHRIS, Mar 6, 2008.

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    I Am A New Member Who Used To Be A Mbz Guy,i Was Misinformed For Years.i Used To Be A Top Salesrep And Manager At A Premier Southern Ca.mbz Dealership For 11 Years.i Used To Tell All My Clients How Much Better Mercedes Was Over Bmw.i Have Owned All Models Of Mercedes Both Classic And New.i Won't List The Mercedes Because You Most Likely Won't Care.i Currently Own And Absolutely Love My 1998 M Roadster 68,000 Miles Estoril Blue 100% Original Paint And Flawless Throughout.the Most Enjoyable Car I Have Ever Owned.i Also Ordered Today A 2008 328i Coupe For My Wife Which Led Me To This Website.i Am The Gm Of A Highline Used Car Dealership And I Can Drive Whatever I Want Usually For A Week Or 2 .i Always Drive Bmw's 7 Series When We Have Them 5 Series Etc.i Think They Are The Best Cars Used Of Any Highline Make And Have The Most Solid Feel After 2 Or 3 Years Of Usage.i Am A Bmw Nut Now And I Feel Bad For How I Used To Sell Against Bmw And Sell Mbz.o Well Can't Turn Back The Clock But I Now Buy A 10 To 1 Ratio Of Used Bmw's -vs- Mbz For My Dealership.our Dealer Group Has Both A Mercedes And Bmw Franchise And I Buy All The Used Bmw's I Can Get My Hands On.e Mail Me If You Need A Quality Used Bmw And I Can Sell You A Mbz If I Have To.

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