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Charles Pitschka, MN

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by 197868, Feb 2, 2018.

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    My 2010 BMW 335d, bought new in 2009, present mileage 38,000 mi
    BMW dealer in Aug, 2017 charged me($1733) for replacing the urea pump, wondering
    if it should be covered by BMW, there is a Federal emissions law,
    is there not. In Jan 2018 same BMW dealer replaced nox sensors(2)
    after check engine soon light came on. BMW covered this($2300 expense)
    Anyone else had this experience?
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    Do you have the part number for the urea pump they replaced. The pump is not under extended warranty and emission laws only apply to vehicle registered in a emission law state (most are not). The nox sensors are a issue for Bmw hence the extended warranty.
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    Hi Charles - welcome to the club & forums!

    For the age, you're low on the mileage for your car; You may want to read the threads in the diesel forum from 2015 up to now, which relay a few other's issues/experiences with their 335d's, some being expensive, unfortunate, or both. :(


    Of course you can draw your own conclusions how relevant any of the threads there may be to your own thoughts and experience - I don't have a 335d, but always have liked the prospect of a fun 400+ ft-lbs of torque! I don't like hearing about the expenses & problems others have seemed to suffer with some of the systems of these diesels though!
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    I'm nor sure if this even applies, but I just traded a '14 MB #250 BlueTec (Diesel). At around 80k miles my Knock Sensor was replaced. Not covered by an emissions warranty through MB in the State of Louisiana. The comments from the gents above are great advice. My only advice would be to contact the BMW Reginal rep through the dealership. I've had success with my MB previously with this approach.

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