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center brake light

Discussion in 'E89 Z4 (2009-present)' started by brianpabent, Mar 24, 2009.

    brianpabent guest

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    The center brake light cover on my z4 has been cracked for some time. A large piece has finally broken off so I guess it is time to fix it. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement cover and how easy it is to fix?

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    John in VA

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    Every dealer will carry the part (and many offer a 'CCA discount), as will many other parts places (BavAuto, BMP, Pelican, AutohausAZ).
    Find your part number at the supplied link, and start calling around for the best price:

    mac townsend guest

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    when did center brake light appear on BMWs?

    my car, an 84, has a rear parcel shelf with provision for such but I thought the Fed requirement was 87 year.

    may heve been repaced because of better speaker location?

    gokartmozart guest

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    The center brake cover on trunk on early Z4s all cracked due to the design of the screws, given time. I would imagine a courtesy install is in order, since there was a BMW bulletin about this around 2006 (when the flaw became apparent) and part updated. A good, experienced Service Advisor will know about it.
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    center brake lights showed up in the 86 BMWs IIRC. Your parcel shelf was likely replaced. Have you been to realoem.com to find parts info? Definitely worth it. A quick perusal has just shown me that the parcel shelf changed in 9/85, which is the start of the 86MY build.

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