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Cell phone usage, gas prices - locals, the rest of us need a heads-up on what to avoid in Californy!

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2013' started by MGarrison, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I don't know what county we'll be in, but it looks like if one wants to avoid being hassled and ticketed by the local constabulary, particularly in Fresno county, O'Festers better keep cell phones 100% outtasight when in a vehicle. Obviously it's bad juju to allow oneself to be distracted by cell phone usage, but I suspect many O'Fester's will be from someplace where drivers aren't automatically ticketed just because a local leo happens to see you with a cell phone in your hand, in your vehicle, turned on, or whatever. I wonder if passengers are allowed to use their own cell phones... perhaps appropriate to look into countermeasures to the bluetooth scanning/capturing by scammers since bluetooth is the primary alternative, if one's car has it... anyway....


    In any case, a heads up to O'Fest attendees on the local legal peculiarities, specifics, and differences would probably be appreciated by the out-of-staters, and not just here on the forums where one-tenth of 1% of O'Fest attendees might chance to see it.

    I'm figuring on super-unleaded gas prices in the $6-$7 range by then (or is that what it is now?)... assuming they have super unleaded... 93 octane? 91 octane?

    Ok west-coasters, what else do we need to know??
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    TomF BMW EnthuZiast

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    Here's the official chapter and verse regarding cell phones from the CA DMV website (http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d11/vc23123.htm):

    It appears that they are strictly interpreting the law as being any other use of a "hand-held wireless telephone" i.e., a cell phone, other than by hands-free listening and talking is a violation of the law. At any rate, the fine is minimal. Passengers are allowed to use cell phones. I use my smart phone for navigation, but it is mounted on a clip-on dash bracket on my Z4 M Roadster (ProClip).

    As to other local legal peculiarities, specifics, and differences, U-turns are allows unless specifically prohibited and that will be indicated by signage. If you really want to bone up on CA traffic laws, here's a link to the online and PDF version of the CA Driver Handbook: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/driver_handbook_toc.htm.

    The highest octane rating sold at most gas stations is 91 octane, last purchase a couple of days ago was $4.25/gal at a Chevron. 93 octane or higher might be found in the area or at the track.

    Oh, if you seen the sun on the horizon over the ocean, it's sunset, not sunrise. ;)
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    steven s

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    And if the water is on your left, you are traveling North.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Where the hell did you find Chevron Premium for $4.25?!
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    TomF BMW EnthuZiast

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    I actually paid $4.05 but that was including the Vons Club $0.20/gallon Gas Rewards points!

    This was at the Chevron at 11095 Carmel Mountain Rd & Peñasquitos Dr, near I-15, a long way from "The Jewel".

    Do you know about Gas Buddy, known locally as http://www.sandiegogasprices.com? There's an app for that.

    P.S. Thanks for the write-up on the last page of last month's Roundel. I didn't find time to reply, but I loved it!

    P.P.S. Yes, it was me who also did the Homelink transmitter installation in the lower center dash panel on my M Roadster!

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