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Car won't start, Throttle Error

Discussion in 'E65/E66 (2002-2008)' started by jbklos, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!
    I'm having an issue with my 2006 750Li. The car would not start once in a while. I was told to get a battery which I did. Everything was fine for a while but then it started happening again intermittently. I brought it to the dealer and they said that the throttle body needs replacement. I got one off of a low mileage car and dropped it in last night. Still no luck! INPA is not clearing the throttle related codes. Does anyone have any advice what to do?? Is there a way to program the new throttle body? I really don't want to be dumping money into parts that still have life. Please help this is my daily!

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    There is a bulletin about wiring harness issues for the throttle on this engine. I have not had one not start from this though. Normally will set a check engine light and run a little weird. I would start here if the faults match.

    E60 (5 Series Sedan)

    E63 (6 Series Coupe)

    E64 (6 Series Convertible)

    Produced from 09/05

    With N62TU

    E65, E66 (7 Series Sedan)

    Produced from 03/05

    With N62TU

    E70 (X5)

    Produced from 12/06

    With N62TU

    The “Service Engine Soon” and DSC/DTC warning lights are illuminated. Engine enters the power reduction (“fail-safe”) mode.

    The following intermittent and “currently not present” EDK related faults may be stored in DME fault memory:
    • 2CF8 – Throttle valve potentiometer, signal; and /or
    • 2CF9 - Throttle valve potentiometer 1, signal; and/or
    • 2CFA - Throttle valve potentiometer 2; signal.
    In most cases DSC fault 5F77 (DME invalid data) may also be stored in DSC control module.
    These faults are sporadic and usually not reproducible.

    Resistance fluctuation in the EDK harness connector is causing an interruption of the EDK signal.

    On a customer complaint basis only, if the listed above fault codes are stored and currently are not present, install a replacement EDK harness.

    Do not replace the EDK throttle for this type of complaint.

    See the attachment or follow the ISTA test module repair instructions which can be found by performing a text search for “throttle valve”.

    REP 12 - Installing repair kit for wiring harness section, throttle valve assembly (N62TU).


    Part Number Description Quantity
    12 51 7 602 973 Repair cable kit 1

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