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caption please

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 330indy1, Sep 8, 2008.

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    oh... was there something in that picture besides the girl?? :p

    BMWtoyz guest

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    bland, crude, disgusting, dull, flat, flavorless, gross, inelegant, insipid, offensive, raunchy, tacky, tawdry, unpalatable, unrefined, vapid, vulgar!
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    I mean I know it is a silly looking car, but is it that bad?:D


    BIMMIR guest

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    How to hell am I going to climb in that thing, wearing this?

    1996 328ti guest

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    People said that about the last 7, didn't they?

    The interior matches her swim suit. :)
    Actually, it looks like the bottom half of a Mini. The wheels even look like it's from a Mini.

    As the forum title reads:
    Off Topic Life isn't all about BMW. Or is it? (General, non-BMW posts.)
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    If she was wearing a skirt, her dignity would be severely compromised when she got in the car. :D

    e30edward guest

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    is there even a car in this photo? lol

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