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Build Sheet and the Missing Xenons...

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by JDiazAmador, Aug 15, 2010.

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    I finally got a build sheet for my 2000 528i. The big surprise was that my car was originally delivered with Xenon lights. As it is right now (how I got it in Jan 2010) it does NOT have xenon lights. I noticed that the light units have a DEPO logo on the clear cover. Now I'm thinking they are aftermarket lights (but not Angel Eye style).

    I thought it was strange that I had the high voltage warning stickers on the metal just above the lights.

    Anybody have an idea what's up here?

    My theory: The car was in a front end collision that was enough to damage the original lights, but not enough to do damage that is visible under the hood (first thing I check for buying a used car is crash damage). There is some slight bending of sheet metal on the inside of the drivers side front engine compartment. The plastic at the entrance of the air filter box is cracked/missing. So the impact would certainly have been enough to destroy at least one Xenon light unit.

    A previous owner (there have been 3 previous owners) must have balked at the cost of replacing the Xenon units.

    Also curious how I can determine if I can restore the car to Xenon/HID configuration (but in the post 2001 style).

    Here is the info from my build sheet:

    Vin Last-7: BY4432x
    Type code: DM53
    Type: 528i (USA)
    Dev. series: E39
    Line: 5
    Body type: Lim
    Steering: LL
    Door count: 4
    Engine: M52TU
    Cubical capacity: 2.80
    Power: 142
    Transmission: Heck
    Gearbox: Mech
    Color: Schwarz 2 (668)
    Upholstery: Standardleder/Beige E36 sandbeige E (N6SN)
    Prod date: 2000-6-20

    Order Options:
    210 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
    291 Light Alloy Wheels Cross-Spoke 2 Part
    339 Satin Chrome
    403 Glass Roof, Electric
    431 Interior Rear View Mirror with Auto Anti-D
    459 Seat Adjustment Electric with Memory
    494 Seat Heating front driver / front passenger
    521 Rain Sensor
    522 Xenon Light
    640 Car Telephone Preparation
    694 Preparation for CD Changer
    704 M Sport Suspension
    710 M Leather Steering Wheel
    773 Wood Trim
    818 Main Battery Switch
    925 Shipping Protection Package

    Series Options
    302 Alarm System
    354 Green Stripe Windscreen
    441 Smoker's Package
    473 Armrest, front
    520 Foglights
    534 Automatic Air Conditioning
    645 Radio Control, US
    676 HiFi Loudspeaker System
    845 Acoustic Belt Warning
    850 Add Fuel Tank Filling for Export
    853 Language Version English
    876 Radio Frequency 315 MHz
    992 Number Plate Attachment Management
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    The Light control module would have to be reprogrammed. I dont understand how they downgraded the wiring though.
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    It gets very costly, very quickly. The LKM has to be replaced (I don't think the dealer will reprogram the LKM; you must buy a new one from them), as well as the cost of both front lights. This means $$$.
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    I know this thread is old but I'll chime in anyway...My build sheet on my 2001 540i Sport says I was supposed to have single in-dash CD and I have the cassette deck. I asked the one and only PO about it and he said he never noticed. He did have the six-disc changer installed with some high powered system. The audio system in my e39 is the best I've ever heard. Granted I not much of an audiophile!

    So it could be just a mistake and your car never came with Xenon.


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