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break up grade

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by bemerguy323, Apr 20, 2008.

    bemerguy323 guest

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    Im trying to get info on five lug conversion for 84 euro E30. true or false you can just use spindals from E30 M3
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    Suggestion? You might want to correct the typo in your topic to attract more people who could answer your question. Someone might be more likely to respond to "brake upgrade" if they didn't think you were trying to break-up your grade. ;)

    Dr Obnxs guest

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    As another bad speller...

    I know what you meant....

    One thing to try is to look at REALOEM.com and see if the spindle is the same part number. If so, you're golden. If not, you have more homework to do. It doesn't mean no, but it doesn't mean yes either....

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    If the spindle was the same part number, then all you'd have to do would be to change the wheel bearing/hub to go to 5-lug. I doubt the spindle is the same because it's the whole strut and most M-struts have a unique built-in M-alignment setting. Not saying it won't fit, but it's not likely to be the same part number, even if the spindle is the same size, for various reasons.

    I'd suggest, assuming you are a BMW CCA member, that you contact one of our Technical Service Advisors and they can probably tell you exactly what you'll need. They may even tell you how to upgrade the brakes without needing 5-lug hubs. I'm sure Terry Sayther has been down that road before. See the Club Services page in your Roundel. Good luck.

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