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BMW Quiz

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Autohaus, Jul 11, 2008.

    Autohaus guest

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    I know this is for non-BMW posts, but didn't know where to put this. Here is for all you bimmerheads out their. These could be tough! The first one to answer all correctly will get a big bag full of nothing;)
    The following questions apply to US Models only!

    1) MY 1996, what 5 series models were offered?
    2) What year did the E39 get sport package AND sport steering wheel? (Hint, the first model year sport packaged E39 DID NOT get the 3-spoke steering wheel).
    3) How many batteries were offered in the E31?
    c-don't know
    d-none of the above
    4) Name all of the external (exterior) difference between the 1.9 Z3 compared to its 2.8 liter counterpart
    5) What year and month was the last batch of E34 M5's delivered to the USA? (not including the 3.8 motor).
    a-September 1992
    b-November 1992
    c-February 1993
    d-March 1993
    6) How many engines were offered in total on the E30? (list them individually)
    7) What is the name of the new F code of the next generation 5 series?
    8) True or False - All E28 M5's were delivered with tan interiors (seats, console, etc...)
    9) True or False - The new (current) X5 can be ordered with a manual gearbox
    10) Ture or False - The 1994 E32 750iL had a 5-speed automatic just like its 740i, iL cousins.
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    Let me try my hand at this...

    1. Includes Euro and US releases
    * E34 518i
    * E34 520i
    * E34 525i
    * E34 - I THINK, THINK, THINK, there was a 525ix...
    * E34 530i
    * E34 540i
    * E34 M5
    * E39 520i
    * E39 523i
    * E39 525tds
    * E39 528i
    * E39 535i
    * E39 540i

    2. 2000

    3. D- None of the Above

    4. Badging, available wheels, I think it had a different front spoiler? Not too good on Z3's...

    5. Shot in the dark... March 1993?

    6. Off the top of my head (includes non-US engines):
    * M10 1.6L (non fuel-injected) [316]
    * M10 1.6L FI (fuel-injected) [316i]
    * M10 1.8L FI [318i]
    * M20 2.0L FI [320i]
    * M20 2.0L FI (a few extra HP) [320i]
    * M20 2.3L FI [323i]
    * M20 2.3L FI (a few extra HP) [323i]
    * M20 2.5L FI [325i/is/ix]
    * M20 2.7L FI [325e]
    * M21 2.4L FI [324d]
    * M21 2.4L FI (a bit of extra torque) [324d]
    * M21 2.4L FI (turbo diesel version) [324td]
    * M30 (I think it's a 3.2L) FI [333i - very rare]
    * M40 1.6L FI [316i]
    * M40 1.8L FI [318i]
    * M42 1.8L FI [318is]
    * M98 1.6L [316]
    * S14 2.0L FI [320is]
    * S14 2.3L FI [M3]
    * S14 2.5L FI [M3 Evo
    * S50 3.0L FI [my325e-supermonsterdreamcar] [ just kidding! ]

    7. F10 and I think there's gonna be an F11

    8. False.

    9. False.

    10. False

    How'd I do? :p
    PM me with the answers if I got anything wrong. :D

    Autohaus guest

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    You did well! You are such a BMW nerd, just like me!

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