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bmw gas swithc

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by jgb, Jul 6, 2008.

    jgb guest

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    alright i have a 94 3 series and we cant find the gas tank open switch anywhere where would you think it'd be located at ?:D

    Jeron guest

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    Do you mean the emergency unlock or just how to open the lid?

    To open the lid just push in and it will click open.

    If it is locked and wont unlock, look in the trunk near the filler for the emergency pull-tab which will open it. It maybe behind the carpet on the wall.

    jgb guest

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    yea i know but were is the button located in the car i cannot find it anywhere?
    • Member


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    There is no button. If the doors are unlocked, then all you have to do to open the gas filler cap is to push in on it and it will pop out.

    It will not pop out if the doors are locked.

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