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BMW CCA Grill Badge

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by 45ACP, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Awwww...this editaw is beginning to wub me the wong way...

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    That was you? :mad:
    Just kidding. :D
    Was that when they had to add the space?
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    No, the space was even longer ago than the badge shrinking! :D
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    This is an old thread but I'd like to add my two cents. I'm on my second "carbon fiber" grille badge and, like the first one, this white portion on this example is melting in the Florida sun (see photo). Apparently the white is some sort of vinyl that can't take the heat. Does anyone know if the color on the white and blue version is still enamel like it was when I first attached one to my Colorado 2002 back in 1971?
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    steven s

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    It's a different process. Those where Cloisonné.
    On this grille badge they needed to be cutouts for the carbon fiber.
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    eric.starmer 2011 535i M Sport

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    I loved it on my 320i but that grille covered the whole front of my car. I'm a little less interested in putting one on my 535i.

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