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BMW CCA – O’Fest Autocross Classing

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2015' started by dmmai, Sep 6, 2015.

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    O’Fest is just a couple of weeks away and registration is still growing, approaching 800 total entries. The autocross list is up to 90 and we expect it to keep growing.

    Curious, I noticed that the BMW CCA O’Fest Autocross Rules don’t yet include classification for several current models.

    F22 – 228i
    F22 – M235i
    F32/F36 – 428 & 435
    F82 – M4
    F80 – M3
    F10 – M5
    F13 – M6
    I12 – i8 Coupe

    And of course, next year you’ll have the M2 to consider.

    Jan posted a question about classing for the M235i a few months ago.
    Whatdoya think, when you get a moment, maybe update the classing page a bit.

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    steven s

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    M2 and M4 will be Friday. I still don't know which class.
    The classes are a relic from the past.
    Unfortunately I don't have an answer.

    Whatever happens, classing needs to be simple and needs to be maintained.
    Autocrossers know their mods. We have plenty of members who autocross once a year.
    There are plenty of people who pay money for aftermarket mods that have no idea what they are.
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    Definitely a deep swamp full of hostile opinions. :)

    Like any set of rules, these need constant review and revision yearly so new models are covered. We just can't go the path of a class for everyone that SCCA went down for a time and is now trying to dig their way out of.
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    steven s

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    Every chapter has the best set of rules. :)

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