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Black trim tape and aluminum trim...

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by wretched, Sep 23, 2009.

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    What is that stuff between the windows on a sedan? I have a 2006 330i and I am wondering what to use on it. Wax it like the rest of the car? Or is there a preferred product to preserve it? I have seen many cars with this area neglected with a end result of fading and peeling! I would very much like to avoid that! So what do you guys use?

    Also the trim on my car is "ghosting" for lack of a better description... It's getting cloudy in areas and some even looks like water spotting patterns. Will normal polish work on this? Once again what do you all use?

    Thanks for any help and replies!
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    Wax for Black paint

    Go to wet paint glaze .comhttp://www.wetpaintglaze.com/ You can use this product on all painted,glass and hard plastic surfaces. If yoy are talking about a soft plastic or rubber there are many products that will work choose your own.

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