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Bavaria Battery Question

Discussion in 'E3 "New 6", 2500, 2800, Bavaria 3.0S & 3.0Si (1968' started by budascribe23, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Recently tried to start my 73 Bavaria after 2 weeks garaged. She wouldn't start thus I had to jump her and boom she purrs like she always has. Next morning same thing the engine won't turn and I have to jump her again. I bring the battery to Kragen and its charging at like 5 volts. The battery is only 3 years old. I'm gonna try to charge it and/or get a new one if needed but I'm worried why a 3 year old battery is drained. I hope it's not an alternator issue. Any tips or particular brand of battery to look for? Thanks!


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    try putting the battery on a trickle charger and letting it charge completely up, could have gone dead from the cold if you live up north

    if you do need a battery, Interstate batteries are good and have a really good warranty
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    Have you checked to see if your "alternator" or "charge" lamp is lit with the key on and the car NOT running? It may be a red lamp with an "L" for load or leidung on it. Don't be surprised if on that vintage car the system won't charge if that dash light is not working.

    But certainly charging the battery at a low rate overnight is a good idea before condemning it. . You said you took the battery to the auto parts store and it was "charging...at 5 volts". Does that mean it had 5v in it out of the car, or did they check it in the car and the system was charging the battery at 5v with the engine running?

    budascribe23 guest

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    It had 5v out of the car. I spoke to them today and they said the battery won't charge. Likely will have to go with a new one. I'll investigate the alternator though

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    While investing in this new battery , a battery cutoff switch would be a easy addition for a little extra security. I store my car with the battery disconnected and a battery tender on it. Its a little extra work up front , but the car starts every time.
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    Do you need the cut-off switch? On my e34 525i, I leave my battery tender connected to the battery during storage. It seems to work OK.

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