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Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by jmalter, Apr 16, 2008.

    jmalter guest

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    hi admins,

    I've posted a bit in the E30 (2nd generation 3-series) threads, what I'd like to do is add this custom avatar-pic to my online-identity here, how do I do that, or is that only available to bmw cca members? (I'll be re-joining soon!)
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    I don't know if avatars are limited to members-only; click "User Profile" (top left of screen, first item of the 2nd large blue horizontal bar on your screen.

    When that screen comes up, see if, on the left, you have an "Edit Avatar" option available.

    should be straighforward after that, if you do.

    jmalter guest

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    hi MGarrison, earlier today I clicked on that 'User Profile' option. For the 1st time, it showed an 'Edit Avatar' option above its usual listing of my subscribed/threads, but when I clicked that link, it showed me a page in which I was unable to 'un-check' the 'don't use an avatar button', so I wasn't able to get to a page where I could upload my "Alpina" gif-file to my avatar.

    Subsequent to reading your answer to this thread, I went to the 'User Profile' link, but it didn't have that 'Edit Avatar' portion, it just listed my subscribed threads. I don't know why the previous 'Edit Avatar' choice went away, or why it wasn't 'operable' when I did see it.

    (btw, your '///MGarrison' sig is pert' cool!)

    hpde30 guest

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    Go to "user profile". On the left side of the screen, select "edit avatar". On that page, click on the "use custom avatar" dot. That will allow you to upload your avatar of choice.

    Edit, sorry I didn't see if you were a CCA member, that may change things.

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