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Auto transmission fails

Discussion in 'E83 X3 (2004-2010)' started by Tennis Dad, Sep 13, 2015.

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    Tennis Dad

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    My 2008 X3 just turned 101k miles and after a busy day on the road, about 100 miles, I retuned to my office and stayed for half an hour. Everything about the car was normal that day. I left the office to go home and discover that it wouldn't go into any gear. Everything seems to be neutral except park. 2 days later, I had it towed to my Indie where it has sat for 3 days. The only thing he noticed when moving the car from where AAA dropped it was that it actually worked in drive, but there was no reverse. I have never had any kind of issue like this with any car I've ever owned and I've owned many.
    Has anyone had similar experiences? What did you do?
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    Has your indie pulled the faults from the EGS module?

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