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Authorized vs. Certified BMW Collision Center

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by MsStig128i, Jun 2, 2010.

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    A collision center in my town is the recommended collision center by the BMW dealership. I've obviously had problems because I'm writing here. The collision center's website says that it is certified and authorized to work on several models of cars - BMW included. I've researched and there are very stringent guidelines in order to receive a BMW Certified Collision Center. I went to BMW North America and the collision center is NOT listed as a Certified Collision Center for BMW, nor an "authorized" one - if there is such a thing.

    My question is - what is the definition or requirement to become an "authorized" one? I've read and know the requirements to attain and keep Certified Collision Center status. Is there a place to find out if a center has tried to become certfied and lost it or if they are and are just not listed on BMW of North America's website?

    What does it take to be an "authorized" collision center and is there such a thing?

    You know how you learn things the hard way - meaning, after you've had a problem and now are having to fight to resolve a problem. The local BMW dealership site recommends the collision center with all sorts of glowing information about lifetime warranty, quality standards, and finally states they have "Certified Collision Center Technicians" and a final paragraph that states they are a CertifiedFirst Repair Center.

    I now know that a CertifiedFirst Repair Center is a completely separate entity - even though it is so close, verbally, to a Certified BMW Collision Center. So, if a collision center says they are certified and authorized by a list of manufacturers to repair their vehicles, and it includes BMW, are they under any regulations for BMW repair? Is there an authorization vs. certified? If so, are there guidelines for maintaining an "authorized" status? Maybe not as strict as a Certified Center; but, I can't find a definition for authorized.

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    Not sure of what difference between BMW Certified and BMW authorized

    Here's the basics of what I do know:

    An insurance company cannot force you to use a collision center that does not use factory certified parts and repair procedures. Allstate and State Farm got into big trouble with this several years ago -- they forced customers to utilize substandard repair parts that didn't fit properly, didn't adhere or hold paint correctly, etc. To this was added the complication that this voided the corrosion warranty on those cars, since the replacement parts didn't have the corrosion resistance that the factory parts did.

    I'm not sure what state you live in, but in TX, where I live, the car owner has the final say on where a car has their body repaired. An insurance company can make suggestions, but cannot force the car owner to use that provider, nor can they withhold coverage if the owner chooses another service center.

    What MAY happen, is that if there is a significant $ difference between YOUR provider and THEIRS, an insurance company MAY legally ask you to pay the difference. The important thing is that any service provider you take your car to must use factory correct repair procedures, and parts that are equal to or superior to OEM quality.

    A better way of sorting out the wheat from the chaff is to check for a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. A shop that isn't factory authorized or certified isn't necessarily a bad shop, but any decent shop should honor factory repair procedures and not use parts inferior to what came on the car in the first place.

    MsStig128i guest

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    This company is one that I stepped out of the insurance company's recommended loop and that hasn't been the problem. The problem is their continued substandard and continued damage every time they take in their shop to repair what they just repaired!

    I'm in TN as an FYI. Insurance isn't the issue. They are not living up to the BMW Collision repair statement and their advertising on their site and the BMW dealerships (about the collision center) are pretty misleading.

    I'm afraid an attorney is going to be needed. I've emailed our Ombudsman in hopes of assistance, filed a claim with the BBB and everyone else associated with them.

    aaggghhh...I've never seen anything like this.

    Thanks for your input.

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    From my experience, BBB is complete waste of time. Those crooks only exist to collect dues from members, not to help mediate any disputes.

    However, if your experience will be different, please do tell.

    And good luck! :)

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