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Aquapel, anyone?

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Zahnarzt, Oct 15, 2008.

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    My daily driver has been peppered with small rocks and sand for a few years now, and it's really showing in the windshield. If I drive into the sun, you can see just how bad it is. I recently read in BavAuto's catalog about a Aquapel. Has anyone used it? It's supposed to fill in the tiny windshield pot marks.

    I used RainX back in the day, and I didn't like it. Seems like you had to be driving at speed for it to work, and if you hit it with wipers, it would leave a smear of water that wasn't great to look through. I don't want to do this to my car.

    Thanks in advance.

    Rick :D
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    I had severe pitting on my E30. The only solution for me was to relace the windshield, so beware.

    Of course my windshield was 20 years old when I had it replaced; perhaps you can still do something about yours before it's too late.

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    I'm very happy with Aquapel in lieu of Rain-X to help with water removal from the front and back windows. While my ride has some small pit marks, I can't say it did anything to help with that situation -- it's also news to me that it perhaps may. ...I thought I'd just found something better than Rain-X.

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