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Anyone here going to Motorworks and the Monterey automobile week next week?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan Spira, Aug 9, 2008.

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    Brian A

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    Try to stay the weekend

    The whole week is amazing, but the big BMW events are over the weekend, so think about your schedule.

    Here is the BMW Festorics website (you'll also find a list of who else in the club is coming and what machinery they are bringing):

    Here is the general Monterey Historic Races website:

    I will be at Laguna Seca all day Saturday. I've got the only E30 convertible coming to the BMW paddock: I am riffraff among the dozen 328s, Z1s and 3 dozen Z8s that will also be there. (I gotta give it it's annual vacuuming and wash job.)

    I love, love, love Saturday at the Historic Races. There are two big things there: the Historic Car races that everyone has come to watch and the BMW/Porsche/Ferrari car corral and hospitality tents. This year I am sad I am missing the 1968-1978 F1 cars, which are racing on Sunday; a personal favorite category.

    To me, one of the best parts of the event is strolling the racing paddock and talking to the owners of their amazing cars. All the cars there are by Invitation Only. Because race cars are not street legal, this is a big chance for a lot of folks to just "air them out." Despite some of owners being the proverbial "captains of industry" driving multi-million dollar museum-quality masterpieces, they are like little kids all excited about their 'toys". Its fun to look under the hoods and oogle the machinery.

    As for the daily street scene in the whole Monterey Peninsula, it gets to the point where a Ferrari hardly turns a head.

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    Ja, I wish I could change but the jet flies back on Thursday so I only have two days.

    Sounds great though.

    If you'll be anywhere near there on Wed., let me know.

    Arash2002tii guest

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    Wish you could stay the weekend. I'm heading down for Festorics on Saturday in my 02 and it would have been nice to see some of you guys. Oh well, maybe next year. Enjoy your stay in the meantime!

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    Thanks - I wish I could stay too but alas...

    In the meantime, here are a few photos from tonight's party including a photo of Club member Yale Braunstein explaining to the highway patrol about why he parked his plane in the wrong spot. :D

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