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Anyone got a lasting solution for squeaky cabrio windows ?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by deschodt, Jan 30, 2022.

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    Please don't say gummiplfledge ;-) Please...
    My M3 Cab squeaks like a dog's chew toy - and it's definitely the driver (30%) /Passenger(70%) windows. I can lower them 5mm and the car goes back to fairly quiet, regular cabrio rattles, acceptable for the age. Windows fully up it's a symphony of chew-toy noises..

    I've done everything I could find online, I cleaned the fuzzy seals, I've lubricated the rubber parts with every Gummi-like product on earth, de-tinted the windows, rainXed then, I mean the only product I have not tried is *butter* at this point. Another magical lubrican't isn't gonna do it - I tried them all. Is there another accepted solution ? I was thinking of a thin adhesive teflon tape to line the inside of that groove where the top of the window jams itself ? Maybe ? Something along those lines - hardware, more permanent ?

    The car is spectacular for a 20y old M3, but it sounds like a rickety POS windows up - passengers always raise an eyebrow, it's not just me. Please don't say gummipfledge, please don't say gummipfledge ;-)

    SP: anyone know where you canask Mike miller ? if anyone knows, he does....

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