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Any problems with 2015 M3 Sedan

Discussion in 'F80 Sedan (2014–)' started by nmoskovits, Nov 29, 2015.

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    I'm new to this board. Looking to buy a used M3 sedan , any from 2013-2015. I noticed several 2015s for sale by independent dealers, not BMW CPO. What's up with that? Do these cars have any problems that I should know about? Any leads appreciated.
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    I think BMW dealerships are the only ones authorized to run a BMW through the certification process for it to be BMW certified pre-owned. If you're talking about independent dealers who are not BMW dealerships, they wouldn't be able to claim a car as BMW CPO, except perhaps if it was sometime in the car's prior history.
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    You are looking at two different M3's. The 2013 would be a e90 with the s65 v8 engine. Really they didn't have to many issues overall. Mainly o2 sensors, wiring, thermostats. The 2014-2015 is the F80 with s55 engine and is a quite a bit faster than the e90. The F80 is so new there really hasn't been enough time or miles on these cars to see if any major issues will come up and they still are under warranty so I wouldn't be to worried about it.

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