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Another 335i vs 335is and N54 vs N55

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Lori S, Apr 6, 2011.

    Lori S guest

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    I currently have a 2008 335i 6-speed.
    It's going away.

    I have had quite a bit of trouble with the N54.
    I want a 335is 6-speed but it has the same N54.

    I understand that the 2010 335i with N54 had just as much trouble as my 2008.

    Am I insane for buying another car (335is) with the N54?
    Why should I trust a 2011 N54?
    Why does't the 335is come with the N55 or something other than the flawed N54?

    Also, where can I find 2011 dealer pricing.....real dealer pricing?


    cwbiii guest

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    try the diesel...

    Take the 335D for a spin, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by both the performance and the fuel mileage. It uses a different engine which will get you past your issues.

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    Deutsch Marques

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    I always use edmunds.com to look up invoice pricing.
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    According to BMW's rep in that ABC interview (the one where they got called out for not addressing the issue) it's not flawed, it's just a very minor inconvenience that could occur to a handful of owners. :D

    ForcedInduction guest

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    Unfortunately the 2011 N55 engines use the same HPFP as the N54 and have the same failures. BMW keeps cranking out new HPFPs and injectors but it's unclear if or when they will actually be able to resolve the N54/N55 engine issues, which is sad.

    Syrupflow guest

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    I would also echo that the N55 has the same potential. For the time being I remain optimistic that the majority of the car escape this dreaded issue. Additionally, when it is at it's best, the IS is sublime.
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    I got a chance to test drive a 335d and was completly amazed! doesnt sound like any other BMW, but that torque delivery was UNBELIVABLE!
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    Does anyone know what engine the next generation 335i will have?
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    One could guess the N55 is here to stay for a while. The new 4 cylinder, 2-liter, 240HP engine, due in the fall, seems to be essentially 4/6ths of the N55. Seems BMW engineers like this setup.
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    We have a 2008 335ix which has been great. Had the HP fuel pump replaced per the recall at 36,000 miles but never had a problem with the orginal pump. Currently at 41,000 miles and runs great. We all have different experiences with these cars.

    Our 2004 Z4 had more problems than this car during the first year but since then has been great as well.
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    2011 335 Xi Coupe

    I just took delivery of a 2011 335xi coupe (auto) that replaced my 2008 335 xi coupe.

    I wish I had driven it first because the Twin Turbo in my 2008 blows the 2011 Twin Scroll away. Yes I had the HPFP replaced but would suffer that minor problem for my 2008 back.

    I knew it after 3 miles of driving. Turned to my wife and told her that the 08 was sooooo much better. Where is the torque??? I know its not in my car!! There is a turbo lag (most people would not notice it but it's there).

    BMW did this to save money and gas. If I was worried about gas I would not buy a Turbo. I feel I got much less value for my $$$$$$$$$.

    After 4 BMW's perhaps it's time to tell them a four letter word (AUDI??). LOL

    My 2010Z4 with Twin Turbo is going back in 6 months perhaps I will buy it.
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    My sales rep in Austin advised that BMW Munich will not disclose what motor is in the 2012 335is until right before the 2012 builds start. I am considering buying a 335is, but concerned about the N54 motor
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Which engine in the 2012?

    Well, the 1 Series M coupe is finished because the emissions specs change for the 2012 models and the N54 doesn't meet them. . . so I would bet money that the Z435is either goes away or gets the N55 engine. . .
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    Thanks Satch. I am considering a 2011 335is with Euro Delivery and your reply helped. This would indicate that the 335is must have the N55 if the N54 does not meet 2012 US emissions specs. I have considered waiting for 2012 and possible N55 motor. MPH post indicates less torque and some turbo lag vs. the N54 he had from 2008. I drove the 2011 335is a few days ago and it is quick enough for me (not a track rat), but want to make sure I get the car with the better motor. Bob

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