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Accurate HP numbers

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by db2002, May 5, 2010.

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    What kind of power could i expect from a 2002 running a Weber 32/36 with a shrick 304 cam, headers and a free flow exhaust along with an MXD (?) ignition?
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    WAG: 115 hp, mostly from the cam. The carb mostly contributes running stability and ease of maintenance, not power. Same for the ignition. The headers, if old Roundel test results are to be trusted, won't do much at all. Experience tells us that the restrictive part of the flow through a 2002 is in the head; so the cam and bigger valves to make it flow better are the most important things for increasing power. Once you've done the head work, then the exhaust might be the bottleneck, but with no more than a cam, I doubt that it is.
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    The Weber downdraft does add some power on the top end. You have to hog out the secondary port in the manifold for it (at least you did on a 1976 2002), so it definitely has more flow area than the stock 2bbl. If it is replacing a 1bbl setup, then it will make a substantial improvement.

    A Schrick 304 cam is too hot for the downdraft Weber imo. I had a Korman Stage 2+ engine in my E21 over 20 years ago, so it had some porting work, higher comp pistons, Schrick 304, Stahl header, and sidedraft Weber 45DCOEs. This setup tested at 160hp, crank, on the dyno.

    If you don't have any head work or higher compression pistons, etc, I would guess you're putting out something in the range of 125-130hp crank assuming everything is properly tuned and you have good compression.

    You know, it's amazing what a 160hp engine in an E21 was like back in the mid-80's. The car felt like a beast (compared to stock), and it would surprise the heck out of a lot of cars on the road, etc. In today's world it would be a stone in traffic practically.:D

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