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'93 525i touring. head swap for M5?

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by puma, May 21, 2008.

    puma guest

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    I posted this in the E34 thread but I might get more responses here so:

    I just wanted to throw this question out and see if it's possible.

    After discovering that I had a small crack in my cylinder head I had the hairbrained idea that it might be possible to swap the head out for a similar year M5 head.
    I can't find any size specs online so, is it possible?

    also, I've been quoted 12 hours labor on removing and reinstalling the cylinder head. I've seen some people around stating it's a two hour process. Is my shop hosing me on labor?

    thanks for any feedback!

    Autohaus guest

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    I assume you would have to get the whole engine and not just the head. A S38 is to apples as M50 is to oranges. 12 hours to swap heads? They are definately hosing you on labor. When my 92 535i had a blown head gasket (which cracked the head) I was only charged about 4-5 hours of labor for the whole job (install head gasket, remanufactured head, re-torque, check clearance, etc...) and change coolant parts, etc... Find another shop.

    puma guest

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    thanks for the info!

    I knew there was something squirly going on.

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