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92 535 Maint / Performance tips

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by Marty7, Jun 19, 2009.

    Marty7 guest

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    I picked up a 92 535/5 speed that had clutch issues cheap. ( They had been quoted $1400 to replace the clutch ) $41 slave cylinder later it runs great !

    Couple questions. What is the best lube for the 5 speed manual and the rear dif with LSD ? Not looking to spend a ton but want to show it some love.

    Also, I want to put a Dinan chip in the car. Looks to be a fairly delicate procedure ? Has anyone done this on an E34 ? Was it worth the pain ? Is it premium fuel only or can you drive it easy on regular ?

    I think a chip/cold air intake and some good old hot rod work on the exhaust will wake it up a bit ? Any advice on exhaust ? Not looking to spend $1000 on a shiny muffler ? Looks like a couple turbo mufflers or Cherry Bombs and removing the resonator would help ?

    Thanks !
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    Redline synthetics come highly recommended. Check your manual for exactly what specs they need to meet.
    There are Dinan chips in every BMW that has a removable chip. Of course it's been done in the E34. It is not particularly delicate. In fact, it's pretty straightforward.
    You think wrong. BMW didn't leave power on the table when they designed these systems. About all you will get from modifying these things is more noise and more dirt in your engine. Beyond the chip, if you want more power, start thinking in thousands of dollars, not hundreds - like a turbo.

    Better, if you haven't done so already, take a handful of club driver schools. That alone will make your car faster because you'll know how - and that experience doesn't go with the car when you sell it. Spend the next thousand on yourself. Or plan on doing a bunch of suspension bushing and ball joint replacements if they've never been changed.

    BlueAngel M3 guest

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    Yes, suspension and bigger brakes will help you go faster. :D

    Personally I would do the chip and suspension mods. :cool:

    xlr8tin guest

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    It's a piece of cake to chip these cars. I did the engine and trans and the performance is night and day. It took me about 30 mintues for the first one, and half that once I knew what I was doing for the trans TCU..

    I got both of them for $175 and yes they are Dinan chips. Go to bimmerforums.com and go to their E34 subforum section and ask around for them
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    The engine is an air pump. No sense in changing the intake system to get more air in without changing the exhaust system to get it out. You didn't say what the mileage was but I would probably start with changing the 02 sensor and catalytic convertor first to make sure they're in 100% condition. Nothing works any better than the factory air filter. Dinan chip takes about 20 minutes to do from removing the DME to inserting the chip. Nice upgrade. I use Amsoil synthetic ATF in my M5's 5-speed trans and have been very happy with the results. I'd only usde premium fuel in the big six. Oh, and make sure there are no cracks in the rubber intake boots and valve cover hoses. Common problem on older cars.

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