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87 325I cabrio........ HELP!

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by 87325I beemer, Jun 29, 2008.

    87325I beemer guest

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    I am a new owner of a 1987 325I cabriolet. and very new to this forum.. So please don't point and laugh to much....:rolleyes: well my first question is how do you remove the rear deck so the soft top can go down into the trunk area. I did not get any owners manuals with the car to tell me how to take the soft top down properly. I would assume that putting the hard top on would be somewhat self explanatory.

    thanks for any help you could give. I have a feeling that once I am told I ma going to feel VERY stupid.

    raleigh guest

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    If you mean "how do you unlatch it" don't feel bad. I'm surprised the P.O. didn't show you. There's 2 latches that have to be undone. The handle in the driver's side of the back seat is obvious, but sometimes it needs to be pulled harder than expected to get it to fully release.

    There's a 2nd latch under the inside of the cover on the driver's side. Run your finger from front to back between the cover (which should have popped up a bit) and the rest of the car. You'll feel a small latch. Pull back on it and it will release the cover. Hope I answered the right question.

    william owen guest

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    Reply to your quandry

    Had to let someone know that when my wife saw your question, she thought I had sent it. I purchased an '87 cabrio three weeks ago and ran into the same problem. Amazing!

    Worthington, OH.

    MFarisE39 guest

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    Don't feel bad, I had an 87 E30 Conv myself. My 'Duh' moment is when I recently bought my 1999 E39 (540i) and could not for the life of me, find the hood release. The dealer had to show me. I felt like a first time car buyer without my Dad. :eek:

    SFaikel guest

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    seems to be a very common problem, Same happened to me with my '89 convertible! But they are very very fun, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I don't know if the '87 had it but mine has instructions when you flip down the driver's sun visor... Also, in case you weren't aware, you need to lift the rear of the top to get the deck up. Unlatch the top and pull it back a little bit and then just lift the rear of the top under the window. When you put the top back in you will need to tuck in a part of the canvas, and, especially if your rear window is in nice shape, you should put a towel between it while it's stored...

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